Karlach from Baldur’s Gate 3 is a character who defies stereotypes often seen in RPGs, especially regarding female protagonists. She’s depicted as powerful, expressive, and assertive, without her anger being portrayed as a flaw. Despite her strong personality, she’s also portrayed as sweet and has become a favorite love interest among players of all sexual orientations.

Portrayed by Samantha Béart, who identifies as non-binary and uses she/they pronouns, Karlach’s performance was approached from a sapphic perspective. Béart explained their approach to the character in interviews, aiming to ensure that queer players felt included in the romance options. They expressed frustration with the notion that queer existence is inherently political and highlighted the lack of authentic representation in past RPGs like Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

In contrast to previous experiences, Karlach’s character in Baldur’s Gate 3 is depicted as multifaceted, embodying traits beyond traditional femininity. Béart emphasized the character’s relatable qualities and praised the writing and direction for creating a character that players could relate to in various ways, including platonically.

Reflecting on their role, Béart expressed gratitude for the opportunity and noted the welcoming environment provided by the development team. They emphasized the importance of player expression and diversity in gaming. Additionally, they discussed the assumptions and stereotypes surrounding gender in acting and appreciated Larian Studios’ inclusive approach to character portrayal.

Overall, Karlach’s character represents a departure from traditional RPG tropes, offering players a more nuanced and inclusive experience. Béart’s portrayal of the character showcases the importance of authentic representation and player agency in gaming narratives.

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