Crusader Kings 3 has answered the call of its devoted players with its latest update, introducing a highly anticipated feature: male pattern baldness. While the arrival of the Legends of the Dead DLC brought new legend mechanics allowing characters to live on after death, it’s the free patch accompanying it that steals the spotlight by finally bringing functional baldness to the game.

In the 1.12.1 “Scythe” update released on Monday, the game now includes “Added balding hairstyles and a system for male pattern baldness. Characters have a baldness value in their DNA which affects the age at which (male) characters start losing their hair.” This means that each baby boy now has a chance, determined by the divine dice roll, to experience hair loss at various stages of their lives.

Unlike other cosmetic features tied to specific traits, such as “Beautiful” or “Giant,” the baldness trait is discreetly embedded within the character’s genetic makeup, alongside attributes like face shape or eye color. While this ensures that baldness remains purely cosmetic without impacting gameplay stats negatively, it also means that bald characters don’t receive any inherent bonuses, despite the perceived power they may exude, from Jean-Luc Picard to Vladimir Lenin.

The addition of functional male pattern baldness may seem trivial to some, but it fulfills a long-standing request from the Crusader Kings community. Players have been vocal about their desire for this feature for years, with Reddit users expressing their anticipation and enthusiasm for its inclusion. Now, with the implementation of balding mechanics, players can witness their characters’ hairlines recede over time, adding a new layer of realism to the game.

Aside from the baldness feature, the patch introduces numerous other updates, including a new legitimacy system to gauge the perception of a ruler’s right to rule, expanded tiers for the “scarred” trait based on the severity of wounds, and adjustments to the likelihood of England’s destruction. While these changes may not be as headline-grabbing as male pattern baldness, they contribute to enhancing the overall gameplay experience for Crusader Kings 3 players.

With a myriad of improvements and additions, the 1.12.1 update continues to refine and expand upon the rich tapestry of Crusader Kings 3, ensuring that both new and seasoned players have plenty to look forward to in their medieval dynastic adventures.

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