The creators behind the Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu reached an unexpected agreement with Nintendo, settling a lawsuit by agreeing to pay $2.4 million in damages and discontinuing the development and distribution of the emulator. Following this settlement, Citra, a 3DS emulator connected to Yuzu’s developers, has also ceased its operations.

A message posted on Citra’s Twitter account, originally shared in the Yuzu Discord, announced the discontinuation of Yuzu’s support for Citra. The Github repository hosting Citra’s code has been closed down. As part of the settlement with Nintendo, the emulator developers agreed to relinquish control of any platforms or websites associated with Nintendo’s intellectual property.

Although Nintendo’s lawsuit primarily targeted Tropic Haze, LLC, a company formed by the Yuzu developers, Citra appears to be collateral damage due to its shared origins. Citra, established in 2014 before Yuzu and the Nintendo Switch, served as a popular emulator for the 3DS handheld. However, with Yuzu’s emergence and its focus on the newer Switch console, Citra’s development dwindled.

While Citra may be defunct under its current name, the future of the emulator remains uncertain. Given its open-source nature, Citra had numerous contributors, and alternate versions of its code likely exist. It’s possible that Citra may resurface under a new name with a different development team in the future.

Despite Citra’s setback, it’s not the sole 3DS emulator available. Alternatives like Mikage and Panda3DS continue to offer options for running 3DS games effectively.

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