A new preview of the Skyrim total conversion mod, Vampire the Masquerade: Redemption Reawakened, offers a glimpse into its modern-day setting, showcasing a 10-minute video highlighting London in the year 2000. Additionally, the video demonstrates the mod’s successful implementation of firearms, a feature that surprised many with its smooth execution in Bethesda’s classic RPG, Skyrim.

The original Redemption, released four years prior to the more acclaimed VTM – Bloodlines, featured a captivating premise set in both the late middle ages and modern-day London and New York. However, it suffered from common issues found in RPGs of the late ’90s and early ’00s, such as clunky combat mechanics and cumbersome party management.

Redemption Reawakened aims to address these shortcomings with a comprehensive overhaul, as showcased in the recent video. The footage reveals Christof navigating through a vampire hunter facility, engaging in combat that appears more fluid and responsive compared to its predecessor. Despite retaining Skyrim’s distinct aesthetic, the modders have succeeded in crafting a believable and immersive environment, complete with intricate details and interactive elements.

The gunplay mechanics also receive praise for their realism and polish, surpassing similar features seen in other first-person RPGs of the time. However, some adjustments are still needed, particularly in third-person animations. Nevertheless, the mod impresses with its portrayal of urban environments, capturing the noir atmosphere reminiscent of Bloodlines.

Excitingly, the video showcases a dynamic police response system, reminiscent of GTA games, adding depth to the gameplay experience. While Redemption Reawakened’s release date remains uncertain, the ongoing progress indicates a promising future for this ambitious project. For updates on the mod’s development, interested players can follow project lead Galejro on Twitter or YouTube.

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