As expected, Steam unveils yet another enticing sale just when I’m tightening the purse strings. Enter the Metroidvania Fusion sale, offering tantalizing deals on some of the finest genre-bending titles out there.

Among the array of discounted games, standout offerings include Yoku’s Island Express, a delightful adventure where you assume the role of an insect postman, lauded with an impressive 85% rating in PCG’s review. Then there’s Luna’s Light, immersing players in the journey of a young huntress navigating a hostile post-apocalyptic world. However, it’s the spine-chilling Blasphemous, a soulslike experience, that truly commands attention, now available at a jaw-dropping 75% off for just $6/£5.

Drawing inspiration from Roman Catholic iconography and Andalusian culture, blended with a healthy dose of eternal damnation, Blasphemous transcends mere boss battles and picturesque scenery. From the moment you step into the nightmarish realm of Cvstodia, encountering tomb-laden statues and blood-soaked adversaries adorned with thorns, it’s a harrowing yet captivating journey, enriched by its poignant storytelling and hair-raising combat encounters. Blasphemous tempts players to utter a prayer or two, albeit in vain.

The sale also offers demos, allowing players to test select titles before committing to a purchase. Among them are Trinity Fusion, SongBird Symphony, and of course, Blasphemous.

Even titles not on sale are getting in on the demo action, such as Ultros, a psychedelic metroidvania offering a sneak peek into the enigmatic Sarcophagus—an otherworldly cosmic womb teeming with bizarre flora and fauna. Immerse yourself in the tranquil melodies and ambient sounds sourced from the Peruvian landscape by a dedicated sound designer. It’s an enchanting experience worth exploring.

The Steam Metroidvania Fusion sale is live now and will continue until March 11.

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