As Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 approaches its release, The Chinese Room is treating us to a deeper dive into one of the game’s vampire clans: the Brujah. These rebellious bloodsuckers, clad in leather, stand out as the renegades of vampire society, a distinction they held in the original game as well as in the upcoming sequel.

Opting to play as a Brujah vampire means embracing a confrontational and hot-headed persona, embodying the frontline fighter archetype. While the Brujah were once known as warrior scholars, their contemporary reputation is marked by impulsiveness and short fuses, reflecting a gameplay style that’s decidedly in-your-face.

In combat, expect to unleash a flurry of punches and indulge in feeding frenzies. Brujah abilities include Taunt, compelling enemies to direct their attacks towards you, thereby increasing the damage they take; Charge, enabling you to rush forward and use enemies as makeshift battering rams upon collision; Lightning Shocks, allowing you to unleash rapid strikes against multiple foes; and Earthshock, a ground-slamming maneuver that sends opponents flying.

The depiction of Phyre flipping the bird in the Taunt ability’s image perfectly encapsulates the Brujah’s confrontational nature, likely provoking adversaries even without supernatural influence—it’s a bold move indeed.

But brute force isn’t the clan’s only asset. Brutality serves as their passive ability, bolstering your strength after feeding by enhancing your attacks. Additionally, Pulverise, the clan’s perk, grants you the ability to dispatch enemies without feeding while still reaping the benefits akin to a substantial meal.

Beyond combat, interactions with NPCs offer intriguing possibilities. Characters aware of your clan’s reputation anticipate your short fuse, but as a Brujah, you possess unique dialogue options to escalate tensions. Nonetheless, the developers emphasize that you can subvert expectations and play against type, with characters reacting to your unexpected demeanor accordingly.

When the thirst for blood strikes while navigating the nocturnal streets, your influence ability allows you to agitate civilians, luring them into secluded areas for a discreet meal, thus avoiding any breaches of the Masquerade.

While the initial January reveal left some underwhelmed due to combat intricacies and limited roleplaying avenues, the passage into brighter times has fostered a more hopeful outlook. Here’s to hoping that Bloodlines 2 lives up to the legacy of its beloved yet flawed predecessor.

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